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Environ Porducts offered by Bella MedSpa

Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Cream

A de-sensitizing cream specially formulated to address fragile, sensitive, congested and sun-damaged skin, leading to the appearance of clearer skin with greater resilience and a finer texture.

Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel

A water based gel formulated to safely assist in softening, decongesting and smoothing the look of skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids assist in the natural exfoliation function. This product is the next step up from Alpha Hydroxy Cream.

Intensive Colostrum Gel 

A skin energizing gel formulated to help deeply nourish the skin. It also assists in strengthening the look of sun-damaged and fragile skin.

 Intensive Super Moisturizer

A luxurious moisturizing cream formulated to help comfort the skin while moisture levels are being restored. It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin looking smooth and nourished, also helping to retain moisture.

Intensive Antioxidant Gel

Formulated for use on sensitive, dehydrated, sun-damaged and fragile skin. Assists with the feeling of relif from inflamed skin conditions and leaves the skin looking calm and soothed.

Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic

Non-oily, non-irritating and easily absorbed, it promotes the appearance of a healthy, nourished hair and scalp.
Intensive Alpha Toner Forte by Environ
Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel by Environ
Intensive Colostrum Gel by Environ
Intensive Colostrum Gel by Environ
Intensive Antioxidant Gel by Environ
Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic by Environ
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Intensive Alpha Toner Forte

Helps promote the natural acid mantle of the skin and helps restore a favorable pH balance, while preparing the skin for the application of Environ skin care products.