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Environ available at Bella MedSpa in Westfield, MA

Derma-Lac Lotion

Excellent for dry, rough skin on the body -- including feet, elbows and knees. Also used to treat the look of sun damage and problematic skin when used in conjunction with the Vitamin A, C & E Body Oils.

Vitamins A, C & E Enhanced Body Oil

Nourishing oil formulated to improve the appearance of stretch marks, body scars and lax body skin. It assists with skin hydration, and has particularly good results when used with Derma-Lac Lotion.

Body Profile

Formulated to help smoothen, tighten and condition the appearance of the skin. It also assists in the reduction of the "orange peel look" so often seen on the thighs, upper arms, and stomach.

Hand and Nail Cream

Moisturizing cream formulated to re-hydrate and condition the look of hands and fingernails. It provides both moisturizing and soothing properties and assists in retaining the look of moisturized and conditioned hands.

Shaving Gel

This unique oil provides comfort and protection, as well as facilitates a perfectly smooth shave. It ensures a close, non-irritating shave leaving the skin feeling silky and nourished.

Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil

Very fine oil containing a high dose of vitamins A, C and E. It is excellent for the appearance of dry skin conditions on both the face and body and is particularly recommended to assist with the look of sun damaged areas of the body.
Derma-Lac Lotion, the body range
Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil, the Body Range
Vitamins A, C & E Enhanced Body Oil, The Body Range
Body Profile, The Body Range
Hand and Nail Cream by Environ, available at Bella MedSpa in Westfield MA
Environ Shaving Gel, Bella MedSpa
Derma-Lac lotion effects

The effects of Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil and Derma-Lac Lotion on severe photoageing.

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