B-active Range

Bella MedSpa Offers B-Active skin-care products from Environ

B-Active Sebuprep

Assists in maintaining the natural oil balance of the skin and is the first step assisting with problem skin and breakouts. It helps remove topical oily debris and make-up from the surface of the skin, cleansing thoroughly yet gently.

B-Active Sebutone

Specially formulated toner that assists in restoring the acid balance of the skin and helps visibly improve hydration. It leaves the skin feeling firm and refreshed.

B-Active Sebuspot

Formulated to specifically address the look of individual breakouts by assisting in reducing the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. It is a mild, effective gel designed for use on irritated areas of the skin to help reduce the appearance of irritation, redness and congestion.

B-Active Sebugel A

Treatment serum formulated to assist in controlling the appearance of oil while hydrating and soothing the feel of problem skin. It also contains tree leaf oil.

B-Active Sebuwash

Used after pre-cleansing with Sebuprep. It is formulated to gently assist in removing excess oils and make-up, and helps to alleviate the look of congestion. Also assists in soothing and calming the appearance of irritated skin.
B-Active Sebupred from Bella MedSpa
B-Active Sebuwash, buy it from Bella MedSpa in Westfield, MA

B-Active Sebumasque

Mild clay based masque that has been specifically formulated to help gently exfoliate the loceok of skin texture and impurities and fight the appearance of blemishes. Helps improve the appearance of hydration and excess oil on the surface of the skin.
B-Active Sebumasque, buy it from Bella MedSpa in Westfield, MA
B-Active Sebutone, buy it from Bella MedSpa
B-Active Sebuspot from Bella MedSpa
B-Active Sebugel A, buy it from Bella MedSpa in Westfield MA
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